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20 March 2012

AVX Start

As I wrote some time ago I would like to test new instruction set that comes with my new Intel Core i5 2400.

AVX - Intel's start page

And of course, after some digging and coding... I was not able to run anything from that page! I downloaded some basic example: AVX for small matrices.... I set up project in Visual Studio Express 2010, compiled... and it crashed (or even did not compile at all) :)

First thing:
For now only Visual studio 2010 supports AVX - 2008 is too old. I don't know how it is with GCC and other compilers. Of course Intel compiler can use it... but I do not have any experience with this compiler. 
In new visual studio 2010 there is an option "/arch:AVX." which tells compiler to optimise using AVX.

Second thing:
One needs to use specific #include. Funny thing is that Intel in its examples uses "gmmintrin.h" that is available only in their compiler. For Visual Studio we need to use "xmmintrin.h". This is all probably because of platform SDK diffs.

Third thing: (and probably one of the most important):
For now my Windows Seven 64 Bit does not support AVX ;( Hopefully it won't last long because with Service Pack 1 Windows Seven will be able to handle AVX. SP1 is now in Beta, so probably in several weeks/days I will be able to download full version.

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