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19 March 2012

New hardware

Something interesting to buy...  (January 2011)


  • Intel core i5 2400, 3.1 GHZ
  • Gigabyte UGA-H67M
  • GoodRam Play 1600 2 x 2GB
  • Gigabyte GeForce 460 GTX 768
  • Corsair 500W
  • Win7 64Bit
Performance under Win7 64 Bit, PerfIndex:
  • CPU: 7.4
  • RAM: 7.6
  • GPU: 7.5
  • Games: 7.5
  • HDD: 5.9 <- so the overall rating is 5.9

Why i5 2400... not something powerful? 2400 is not that expensive as its bigger brothers, but as I figure out, it has enough GHZ for most of my work. It should be faster that first version of i5 - 760. I usually don't overclock so I don't mind that 2400 is blocked and not that flexible as 2500K for instance. 2400 has also a integrated Graphics, so it may be useful for testing apps on weaker hardware that GeForce.

Sandy Bridge has new instruction set: AVX, so it would be nice to test that. AVX is 256bit extension to 128bit SEE... Theoretically it should be 2X faster. Lets test it some day! A word about AVX 

Why GeForce 460 768 not 1GB? Hmm.... Performance boost in common screen resolutions is only several FPS... but price is about 10%. I need that card for some OpenGL, DirectX, OpenCL coding/testng so for home and hobby applications it should be more that enough! With that GeForce one can write software using OpenGL 4.1, DX 11 and OpenCL 1.1. I will try to write something using those technologies. Maybe I will include that in my "engine". A word about OpenGL 4.2

I hope that it wont crash and the hardware last long without any serious breaks :)
BTW: Update from the future: my post about playing with AVX

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