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27 May 2012

GDC Europe 2011 - day 0 - Sonntag
(originally written in August 2011)

I've just returned from the GDC Europe that took place in Cologne, Germany. It was really great experience for me. It was my fist time I've been there and probably I try to be on the next one also. In this few posts I would like to share some thoughts about the conference and the presentations that I've listened to.

General Info:
  • Cracow -> Cologne: Sunday 14th August, from 9am till 7pm, 10h of the ride + 0.5h of figuring out where is our hotel :)
  • Hotel: Jugendherberge Köln Riehl
  • Kologne -> Cracow: Thursday 18th August, from 11:20 till 21:30
  • Team: my colleague (we drive by his car). In Cologne we met some more people from Cracow and in general from Poland as well.
Some more photos below:

We were also on GamesCom that started on Wednesday (only for media, business and developers).
Cost: 350 Euro for Student All Pass (550 for normal All Pass)

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