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14 May 2012

OpenGL Version Changes

Just a quick info how to find what functions have been added in each of OpenGLVersion.

To find full history you can visit: opengl/wiki/History_of_OpenGL . The page contains a generic overview with the most important changes.

Here are the steps to find all the details: functions:

  • Go to: It is the main OpenGL page with specifications and useful resources.
  • Find: - a strange looking text document in which there are official functions supported by each version. Usually this file is used to automatically generate header files for GL.
    • For instance we can find there "paragraph" OpenGL 3.0 commands where there is a list of all new commands that were added to OpenGL 3.0. After listing of "core" functions there is a list of all the  extensions (ARB, NV, AMD, etc, etc).
The similar thing can be done for enums: just look at

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