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01 June 2012

Galactic support...

(Originally written in June 2011)
I've just bought awesome Galaxy Tab Wifi!


  • CPU: 1Ghz - Cortex A8 
  • 512 MB Ram 
  • PowerVR SGX 530 - not very fast, but good enough 
  • 16GB internal flash memory + expandable with SD cards 
  • Android 2.2 Froyo - quite old, but an upgrade is about to arrive soon. 
  • great 7'' screen with 1024 x 600 resolution 
  • capacitive touch screen

As usually I tried to buy the best device for me, but thanks to the "paradox of choice" it was not a easy decision.
At first I decided that I need something to read pdf files - so lets buy eReader. But those devices poorly support pdf reading, although they have best screen (e-Ink) for you eyes. The price is also not so nice: about 200$ to 300$ for good eReader. Of course there is Kindle 3 (around 115$)...
I found that for the same amount of money I will be able to buy cheap android tablet. Since then I've spent a lot of time searching for the best device.

Tablets worth considering:

  • Archos 70 - around 250$ - great thing and I almost bought it! But it is not easy to get those devices, so instead of waiting 3 weeks (according to my store) I bought GalaxyTab. It has lower reslution than GT (only 800x480), but also good capacitive screen. -
  • Archos 7c Home Tablet - cheaper that A70, but also good for simple usage. 
  • Arnova 8 - 8'' screen, very cheap (150$), but the hardware is very slow, resistive touch screen only. 

Finally I got Galaxy Tab wifi Only. It was quite expensive for me - around 350$ - but it is worth its price I think. This is my first Android device, but after two days of using it I found it very useful especially for PDFs reading (my original purpose), taking notes, music, videos... and games! :)
Why only 7''? - because the device is quite light, one can type using thumbs (even in horizontal mode), letters in books and pdf have good size. Maybe 8'' would be a bit better although...
Why not Ipad? - to heavy - around 800g (GT is only 380g), - not so portable as 7'' - you need to have bag instead of large pocket in you trousers, - price - iOs is maybe a bit better, but Android is more "open". Now I am able to write Android app and test GTab... who knows, maybe I will write something interesting and conquer the world! :D

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