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22 June 2012

Visual Studio Useful Plugins

Some useful plugins for Visual Studio.

At first one should visit: There, lots of useful tools for VS can be found.

For instance today I came across metalscroll. Small but very useful plugin that replaces scrollbar in the VS Editor with a graphics representation of the code - whole source file downscaled to the size of scrollbar (of course a bit wider that the original bar...)
Thanks to the plugin you can easily navigate in the source file - especially if the file has a lot of lines... For example you can show every occurrence of selected text. It is even easier that Ctrl + F.

Another nice powerful tool: devexpress RefactorCPP Very nice and easy to use refactoring tool (and not only that) that will speed up your coding. There is full "PRO" version... but at first I suggest using FREE version which is enough for most cases I think.
There are also PowerToys for Visual Studio as well. Many people suggest installing it as well.

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