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20 July 2013

Some Graphics Things

Drawing in OpenGL
Is been a long time since I created (and published) something related to graphics programming. Things that I described recently were related to: improving build times, header files management, SOLID design... all those topics are very important of course. But they are only means to do something... so let us make something creative and fun, let us make some graphics!
This post will be actually my motivation booster to write several new posts about things that I made some time ago, but they are not polished yet and prepared for public release. Keep your finger crossed  for those new posts :)


One screen from my water simulation:
Water on the GPU
  • OpenGL 3.3, but will be updated to core 4.*
  • Heightmap Simulation on the GPU
  • Normals calculation on the GPU
  • Normal mapping

Photo Browser

Here are some screens from my album browser app:
photo browser with OpenGL

photo browser with OpenGL screen

photo browser with OpenGL screen

  • Model View Controller based
  • Two views: horizontal and depth.
  • Distortion animations
  • Currently in OpenGL 2.1, but will be converted to OpenGL 4.*
  • Quite simple, but lots of topics can be covered here.
Hope I can show final results quickly! :)

All of those apps are (or will be) based on my framework, see description here.

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