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30 January 2014

C++ down, up or stable?

Up or down
Just a short post about popularity of C++.
When preparing for my recent presentation about C++11 (and 14) I tried to understand what is going on with the language trengs. Is it going up or down... or in some other direction?
Let us look on some charts and current data. Is it that bad?
Tiobe ranking on January 2014:
Tiobe ranking January 2014
Not that good... C++ is only 7.58% (almost 1.5% drop since January 2013!)
But let us look at some other charts:
ohloh languages
This time the chart shows: "The lines show the count of monthly commits made by source code developers (OpenSource). Commits including multiple languages are counted once for each language".
Where is the truth then? It appears that while Tiobe shows language popularity according to search queries in the net it is different from OpenSource developer commit number. In the second ranking we see that C++ is quite stable and even "replaces" C.

What is the conclusion then?

C++ is in not that bad shape I think. In my recent post I wrote about its features and compiler status. We need to wait some time for full "acceptance" of the new standard and then the charts should go up. C++11/14 is great when you can start a new project or you have relatively small code base. In such situations it is easy to switch the compiler/toolchain. But for large legacy code bases "the shift" will take a bit longer period of time.
I am looking forward to C++17 that will bring a lot of new and useful modules into Standard Library. Maybe in quite near future C++ will not differ from such huge frameworks like we can see in C# (.NET) or Java.
BTW: checkout this site with lots of different programming languages stats:

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