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06 March 2014

Learning Modern OpenGL

Another article posted in some other place in the NET. This time I tried to describe what resources are available when learning modern OpenGL. In the first place I've written about OpenGL new features, and why it is called "modern". Then I introduced some of resources: books and online sites that can help beginners.
The topic is very broad, so I, probably, touched only the tip of an iceberg. It is also a debate should you start with modern (programmable) graphics pipeline or maybe use the good old fixed one? I learned OpenGL at the time it was in version 1.1 and I must say that it was easier than DirectX. Now the base level for Modern OpenGL is likely to be set a bit higher than several years ago.
Learning Modern OpenGL
One more thing: It is worth to notice that on the market there are lots of new books. I've actually reviewed or mentioned about them before. For me, they fill a niche between "basic" graphics books (like Superbible) and very advanced like GPU Pro/ShaderX. Those books are OpenGL Shading Language Cookbook and OpenGL Development Cookbook.

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