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27 December 2014

Code And Graphics in 2014

Code And Graphics in 2014

It seems that this year was quite good for the blog! Thanks for all the views, comments, likes, re-sharing, pluses...!


Blogger platform shows that I am on the verge of 200k of view. Most of it come from this year actually. I hope to keep this pace in the next year :)

Below a picture with some more details: (Jan to Dec 2014)

stats for Code and Graphics blog in 2014
  • 10k views per month on the average
  • max was 25k in June, 19k in December
  • around 170 unique users daily
  • current Alexa rating: 1,952,290 (331,779 in US)

Most popular posts

  1. Vector of Objects vs Vector of Pointers Updated, 19th May - around 15k views!
    • I've compared performance of std::vector of an Object class vs std::vector of pointers to Objects. In other words, I tried to measure how locality of data can affect performance.
  2. Top 5 Beautiful C++ std Algorithms Examples, 4th December - around 10k views!
    • I've selected five of nice examples of code that uses algorithms from The C++ Standard Library.
  3. Select + Mouse + OpenGL, June 2012 - 5k views
    • One of my first big post, without much attention it become quite 'popular'. It seems that a good tutorial is always a good option. I have a plan to upgrade it, but I do not know the schedule yet.
  4. C++ status at the end of 2013

But actually... the most important thing coming from Code And Graphics was a separate article:

Learning Modern OpenGL

Learning Modern OpenGL

It is published at codeproject. So far it has around 58 000 views! It even got "Best C++ Article of May 2014 (Second Prize)"!

Current pipeline

For most of the time I used raw html editor from the blogger platform. It was quite slow and not flexible. Fortunately, I've learned markdown markup language and now the process of writing is better and simpler.

So now, I use MarkdownPad on my Windows machine for most of the writing. Then, when I think the post is ready for publishing, I simply copy its html output and paste it into the blogger. Then maybe some little corrections are needed: syntax highlighter or some more pictures needs to be added.

Aditionally, Dropbox, WriteBox and JotterPad are used when I write on mobile/online.

BTW: I highly recommend MarkdownPad Pro.

The design

  • I've tried to create responsive design for this blog template. So now, the blog has two versions: for larger screens (above 768px width) - it has sidebar on the right, and one for mobile - sidebar goes to the bottom of the page.
  • Sidebar should be also 'sticky' - but I am still experimenting with that :)
  • Recently, for desktop version, there is also 'infinite scroll' added
  • Most of the code is based on JQuery 2.X

Earnings and Ads

I will not go into details, but generally normal advertising systems - like adsense - does not work very well for this blog. I can get some few extra dollars per month, but that's it. Definitely it's not enough for a good vacation on a sunny beach! :) That is why I decided to disable all ads on the blog. There is no point in showing all those banners for such small amount of income. Maybe the blog design will be much cleaner that way.

What worked? Amazon associates is much better. Although it's not a stable source of income. Still it's much better aligned with the blog contents. Most of the time I simply, point you to programming books.

What next?

I have no specific plan to be honest :)

There is a list of things to finish, so I hope to do it in the first place. But often, I simply write a post because I've just found something interesting. I would like to create more "graphics" posts actually. Recently there were mostly posts about "code". It would be nice to balance it.

I hope to increase my 'market share' - it would be awesome to have 100k views per month, not per year :)

Please comment, share your thoughts about this blog and maybe I'll be able to better align with your needs.

In fact, there is nothing better when you write about something that you are passionate about and then, it gets a huge response from the readers.

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