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10 August 2019

C++ Links #32 - QT6, How to Fix C++ and what's Debugging in C++

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Welcome to new C++ Links - most relevant and useful articles, podcasts and videos that happen between 2nd and 9th August 2019.

Today you will find links to ideas on how to Fix C++, how to bring more performance for SIMD math library with C++17, how QT 6 will look like, and more.

  1. At the official QT blog, there’s a new article that shows the future of QT6. The report shows the next version of QML, compiling QML to efficient C++ and native code, Rendering Hardware Interface (to support modern Graphics API), and C++17!
    Technical vision for Qt 6 - Qt Blog

  2. You might hear about Agner’s CPU guides and his math library. Recently the library was improved and thanks to many C++17 features it’s even faster, and the code is more compact!
    Agner’s CPU blog - Major update of Vector Class Library

  3. Mathieu Ropert, in his new blog post, writes about debugging and what it really means in C++? Is this always related to debug symbols, or maybe using no optimisations? He also discusses his recent twitter poll on the same topic.
    Fifty shades of debug · Mathieu Ropert

  4. How can we fix C++ without breaking the backward compatibility? Or maybe we can create C++2.0 and then start without the ballast? In his new controversial article, Vittorio Romero addresses that problem and discusses how we can solve this.
    vittorio romeo’s website - fixing c++ with epochs

  5. This week Jonathan Bocarra from FluentC++ discusses smart output iterators: how they can combine with ranges, and how to chain them:
    Chaining Output Iterators Into a Pipeline - Fluent C++
    Combining Ranges and Smart Output Iterators - Fluent C++

  6. Rainer Grim in his new article, discusses extra bits of Core Coding Guidelines. This time we have something about architectural ideas and lib dependencies:
    C++ Core Guidelines: Supporting Sections - ModernesCpp.com

  7. With the release of VS 2019 16.2 the MSVC team has released many articles describing the new features and updates. This time you can read about getting 2..3% perf increase by smarter code optimisation and linker work:
    Game performance improvements in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.2 | C++ Team Blog

  8. The PVS Studio Team has released a new article that will help you set up the PVS studio on Linux.
    Getting Started with the PVS-Studio Static Analyzer for C++ Development under Linux

The links are brought to you through collaboration with Wojciech Razik.
Wojtek is a Senior C++ developer at Thaumatec, currently writing software for a face & iris recognition device. He enjoys reading C++ Standard before bed, and he loves to hate JS from dawn to dusk.
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