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23 December 2019

C++ at the End of 2019, Survey

It’s almost the end of the year!

I prepared a quick survey, so we can learn about our experience with the language.

Update: Thank you for all of your votes! The survey is now disabled

Looking form the perspective of a language on its own, we see that the whole year was focused on C++20. The almost-final spec for the new standard is ready; there are some discussions about fixes and improvements; there will also be an ISO meeting where the Committee will address the problems. but hopefully, it’s ready to be published in 2020.

So that’s a”big picture” for the language… but how was that year for you?

What was your favourite events this year?
Have you modernised your projects a bit?
Maybe you have used some new tools?
Or maybe you was on your first C++ conference?

All of the answers to the above questions are important to me, so I prepared a small, quick survey where you can express your observations.

The responses will allow me to update my final status blog post that I should be able to publish next week.

Update: Thank you for all of your votes! The survey is now disabled

Here’s the link to google forms:

C++ at the End of 2019 - Survey

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