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31 March 2021

C++ Stories in March

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Have a look at a short summary of the best articles from March 2021 from the C++ community.

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constexpr new

constexpr Dynamic Memory Allocation, C++20 - C++ Stories

constexpr has become a major feature for compile-time programming in C++. Introduced in a simple form in C++11 evolved into almost another “sub-language”, an alternative to regular template code. In C++20 you can even use std::vector and std::string in constexpr context! In the article, I discuss constexpr memory allocations, a building block for std::vector and std::string.


Non-Terminal Variadic Parameters and Default Values - C++ Stories

Currently, as of C++20, there’s no support for so called non-terminal variadic arguments. For example, we cannot write:

template <class ...Args> void func(Args&& ...args, int num=42);
func(10, 20); // error

As you can see, I wanted 10 and 20 to be passed as ...args and 42 as a default value for num. Compilers currently cannot resolve this code.

In this blog post, I show you a couple of tricks you can implement to avoid this issue. Knowing those techniques might help with things like logging functions where we could have std::source_location at the end of a function declaration.

Improving print

Improving Print Logging with Line Pos Info & Modern C++ - C++ Stories

Adding information about the line number and the file where the log message comes from is a very efficient method that might save you a lot of time. In this post, I describe one trick that is especially useful in Visual Studio but might also help in other IDE/compilers. I also show you how modern C++ and C++20 make code better.

Parallel compilation

Parallel Compilation Experiments in C++Builder and Dev C++ - C++ Stories

Thanks to lots of CPU cores available even in basic computer system we can significantly speed up compilation our projects. In a new article, you can look at techniques and experiments with building things faster in C++ Builder and a well-known free IDE DevC++.

C++ News

New C++ Proposals

A new list of proposals from the C++ ISO Committee - see at ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 - Papers 2021 03.

Some interesting papers?

List of Software written in C++

List of some famous software written in C++ | Terminal Root

This is a short and concise list of the most popular apps that use C++ as a core programming language. From Windows OS, Chrome, Office, PayPal backend to Oracle Databases, Unreal Engine, and others.

And we can also link to C++ Applications maintained by Bjarne Stroustrup. It has a more extensive list.

And my addition: At Xara (a company where I work), C++ is one of the core elements of the whole infrastructure. It made it possible to build an advanced document editor back in the 1990s and today.

Resolving a function call in C++

How C++ Resolves a Function Call

It’s an excellent and very detailed article by Jeff Preshing. He describes the following parts:

  • Name lookup: member, qualified and unqualified
  • Special handling for function templates (for example, SFINAE)
  • Overload resolution: finding the best viable candidate

What’s best? There are small but good examples, with some real-life code. And there are amazing diagrams :) Even with sumo fighters!

See you in April! :)

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