29 January 2015

Persistent Mapped Buffers, Benchmark Results

In part 2 of the article about persistent mapped buffers I share results from the demo app.

I've compared single, double and triple buffering approach for persistent mapped buffers. Additionally there is a comparison for standard methods: glBuffer*Data and glMapBuffer.

Persistent Mapped Buffers in OpenGL

It seems that it's not easy to efficiently move data from CPU to GPU. Especially, if we like to do it often - like every frame, for example. Fortunately, OpenGL (since version 4.4) gives us a new technique to fight this problem. It's called persistent mapped buffers that comes from the ARB_buffer_storage extension.

Let us revisit this extension. Can it boost your rendering code?

06 January 2015

Errata and a Nice C++ Factory Implementation

I've finally got my copy of "Effective Modern C++"! The book looks great, good paper, nice font, colors... and of course the content :)

While skimming through it for the first (or second) time I've found a nice idea for a factory method. I wanted to test it.

31 December 2014

C++ Status at the end of 2014

This was a good year for C++!

Short summary (language features):

  • Clang supports C++14
  • GCC supports C++11 and most of C++14 (Full support in upcoming GCC 5.0)
  • Intel 15.0 supports C++11 (some features on Linux/OSX only)
  • Visual Studio tries to catch up with C++11, but it also introduces C++14 features as well... and it become (almost) free!

27 December 2014

Code And Graphics in 2014

Code And Graphics in 2014

It seems that this year was quite good for the blog! Thanks for all the views, comments, likes, re-sharing, pluses...!

04 December 2014

Top 5 Beautiful C++ std Algorithms Examples

Some time ago I've seen an inspiring talk from CppCon 2013: "C++ Seasoning" by Sean Parent. One of the main points of this presentation was not to use raw loops. Instead, prefer to use existing algorithms or write functions that 'wraps' such loops. I was curious about this idea and searched for nice code examples. Here is my short list of usage of algorithms from the C++ std library that might help in writing better code.

Of course. I could not skip two prominent examples from the original "C++ Seasoning" talk: slide and gather.

23 November 2014

3 Tools to Understand New Code from Visual Assist

You’ve just started a new job and landed in front of a huge code base. Great! What a challenge! It would be nice to quickly get a general understanding of your project and be able to comfortably move around in the code. How do you do it?

In the article you can find my list of three set of tools from Visual Assist that might help with this problem.

13 November 2014

Code::Dive conference report

Wrocław Fountain @Wikipedia

Scott Meyers and Venkat Subramaniam in Wroclaw, November 5, 2014, at a new programming conference? I couldn't miss that!

Additional info: most topics related to C++, one day, 13 presentations, great weather and a beautiful city. What more do you need?!

Continue below to read my report from this great event.

18 October 2014

My Top 5 C++ Proposals for October 2014

Several days ago at isocpp.org there were tons of different c++ proposals' updates. Each day there was like several posts describing each application. What was the reason of it?

As it appeared, 10th October 2014 was the deadline for the pre-Urbana mailing. Now the whole list is available here at wg21. From 3rd till 8th November there will be WG21 meeting in Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Below you can find a list of my top 5 interesting proposals.

13 October 2014

Two Useful Gadgets

I would like to share with you my thoughts on two useful devices that I've bought recently: Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 and Logitech h800 headset.

One was needed to replace my older version, and the other to increase and improve communication.

05 October 2014

Flexible Particle System - Code Optimization


After playing with the tools we have some more options to improve the performance of the particle system. This time, we need to rewrite some parts of the code.

In total, the particle system runs almost twice as fast as initially! Read more to see what pieces of code were changed.

15 September 2014

Flexible particle system - Tools optimization

Tools optimization

In this post I will test several compiler options and switches that could make the particle system run faster.

Read more to see how I've reached around 20% of performance improvement!

11 August 2014

OpenGL 4.5

OpenGL 4.5 has just arrived!

Since Siggraph 2014 is happening right now, we could expect a new version of OpenGL. And it happened! Khronos announced OpenGL 4.5! Not a major update, but still adds some nice features to the API. What about OpenGL 5.0? Is there any news here?

03 August 2014

Review of "D Cookbook"

I am very curious about the D language and its community. Although, I do not have lot's of experience with this language, I try to track news and important updates. Recently, I've noticed that there is another book released regarding the language: D Cookbook, by Adam D. Ruppe

Let's see what's inside this book

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