27 March 2017

Windows File Tests

Transform a file on Windows

You want to transform one file into another, input into output. What API will you choose on Windows? WinApi? C++ Streams or good old stdio?

Last year in September I looked at four ways of processing a file on Windows. Also, I did some performance tests.
The whole project description was recently published in Visual Studio Magazine.

20 March 2017

C++ Jobs and Predictions

C++ jobs and predictions

There are probably billions of lines of code written in C++ already. New code is being written every day. But will this trend continue? Will you be able to find a C++ job in five years?
Let's have a quick view.

06 March 2017

On Toggle Parameters

On Toggle parameters

I got very interested in one topic that recently appeared on on Andrzej’s Blog: Toggles in functions. I though that maybe is worth to express my opinion as a separate blog post.
Please take a look.

20 February 2017

Modernize: Sink Functions

Passing Ownership of a resource to functions

One of the guidelines from Modern C++ is to avoid using raw new and delete. Instead, you should use a smart pointer, a container or other RAII object. Today I’d like to focus on so-called ‘sink functions’ that takes ownership of input parameters. How can we modernize code around such calls?

06 February 2017

How To Stay Sane with Modern C++

Complex C++

Have you seen my recent blog post with the list of C++17 features? Probably this is not the best measurement, but it got only ~30% of the average read (while other articles might get like 70, or even 90%). I am not complaining, the list is crazy and contains probably too many details of the new standard.

Another stat: C++ standard page count: from 879 pages for C++98/03 to 1586 for C++17 (draft)!

Do you need to learn all of that stuff to write good code?
How to stay sane in the C++ world today?

23 January 2017

Const, Move and RVO

Const Move and RVO

C++ is a surprising language. Sometimes simple things are not that simple in practice. Last time I argued that in function bodies const should be used most of the time. But two cases were missed: when moving and when returning a value.

Does const influence move and RVO?

09 January 2017

C++ 17 Features

C++17 features

In my last C++ summary (for 2016) I wrote that the draft for C++17 is the most important thing that happened. I’ve put a list of features of the new standard, and today I’d like to expand the topic so we can learn some more details.

31 December 2016

C++ Status at the end of 2016

C++ Status at the end of 2016

Another year and another C++ Status! It’s hard to believe, but it’s my fifth time I am writing this summary. And, as usually, C++ language is very alive. The biggest news for the year?

Of course, it must be: the final draft for C++17!.

What else have happened? See my full report below.

27 December 2016

2016 Blog Summary

Blog Summary for 2016

Another year of blogging! Was it good or bad? What’s the plan now? What were the most popular posts?

19 December 2016

Async Remote Book Review

Async Remote Book Review

As you might already know, I work remotely. That’s why I try to follow and read guidelines/articles that relate to that style of working. Recently, I got very curious when I saw a new book called “Async Remote” from the Arkency team. Let’s see what it offers.

Warning: the book is not only about remote! :)

12 December 2016

Debugging Tips Extra stuff

Debugging Tips extra

In June I’ve listed 11 tips that can save your time when doing debugging. As it appears, the article wasn’t that horrible :) I got a chance to update the content, extend the text and publish it on Visual Studio Magazine!

05 December 2016

Please declare your variables as const

Please declare your variables as const

I need to confess that for the last few years I’ve been a bit obsessed with the idea of making all variables const. Whenever I declare a variable in a function body, I try to think if I can make it constant. Let me explain why I think you should be doing the same.

21 November 2016

IIFE for Complex Initialization

IIFE for complex initialization of const variables in C++

How do you initialize your variables, especially the const ones? What do you do when the code for the initialization is complicated? Do you move it to other method or just write inside the current scope?

07 November 2016

Variadic Templates and a Factory Function

Variadic Templates

Variadic Templates from C++11 is probably not a feature that you use on a daily basis. But recently, I’ve come across one refactoring example where I’ve decided to give a try and apply variadics.

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