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07 August 2017

C++17 in details: Filesystem

C++17 features, simplifications

Although C++ is an old programming language, its Standard Library misses a few basic things. Features that Java or .NET had for years were/are not available in STL. With C++17 there’s a nice improvement: for example, we now have the standard filesystem!

Traversing a path, even recursively is so simple now!

31 July 2017

Blog summary for the first half of 2017

Blog Summary for H! 2017

See my blog stats and thoughts for the first half of the year.

24 July 2017

C++17 in details: Code Simplification

C++17 features, simplifications

With each C++ standard, we aim for simpler, cleaner and more expressive code. C++17 offers several "big" language features that should make our code nicer. Let’s have a look.

17 July 2017

Review: The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

With around 230 positive reviews (85% of five stars) (4.7 on the average), John Sonmez made a huge splash when he published his first book “Soft Skills”. 2.5 years later we get another book. Can the new book continue his success?

Can it move you further along with your?

Bonuses today: giveaway and little Q&A with John.

Let’s see!

10 July 2017

C++17 in details: Attributes

C++17 features, attributes

“C++ Attributes… what?”

There were almost 40% votes like that in my recent Twitter survey. Maybe It would be good to introduce that little-known feature?

There’s even a good occasion, as in C++17 we’ll get even more useful stuff connected with attributes.


03 July 2017

Randomizing lines from a file, a tool in VC++ 2017

Writing a utility tool in VC++ 2017

Is C++ well suited for writing fast small utilities/tools?

Let’s see:

For my recent giveaway I needed a tool that would take an input file - CSV with data and then draw a few winners from all of the entries. To make things more complicated each entry might have a different weight.

Read more for the full description, my solution and experiments.

26 June 2017

C++17 in details: Templates

C++17 features, templates

For C++17 everyone wanted to have concepts, and as you know, we didn't get them. But does it mean C++17 doesn’t improve templates/template meta-programming? Far from that! In my opinion, we get excellent features.

Read more for details.

19 June 2017

Modern C++ Programming Cookbook Review

Modern C++ Programming

Since May 2017 we got one more book about Modern C++! A Few weeks ago I got a copy from Packt Publishing, and today I’d like to write a few words about the book. In short: it’s a very good book! :)

But let’s see what’s inside…

12 June 2017

C++17 in details: language clarifications

C++17 features, clarifications

The second part of my series about C++17 details. Today I’d like to focus on features that clarify some tricky parts of the language. For example copy elision and expression evaluation order.

29 May 2017

C++17 in details: fixes and deprecation

C++17 features

The new C++ Standard - C++17 - is near the end to be accepted and published. There’s already a working draft, and not that long ago it went to the final ISO balloting. It’s a good occasion to learn and understand what are the new features.

Let’s start slowly, and today we’ll look at language/library fixes and removed elements.

22 May 2017

Enhancing Visual Studio with Visual Assist

Visual Studio andVisual Assist

How does your typical coding session in Visual Studio look like?
What’s the first thing you do when you’re about to start coding?

Yes… let’s check Gmail, Youtube, Reddit, etc… :)

OK, please be more professional!

So, let’s assume my Visual Studio (2013, 2015 or 2017) is already started. What to do next?

15 May 2017

Please stop with performance optimizations!

Stop with performance optimization

As you might notice from reading this blog, I love doing performance optimizations. Let’s take some algorithm or some part of the app, understand it and then improve, so it works 5x… or 100x faster! Doesn’t that sound awesome?

08 May 2017

Curious case of branch performance

Branching, performance

When doing my last performance tests for bool packing, I got strange results sometimes. It appeared that one constant generated different results than the other. Why was that? Let’s have a quick look at branching performance.

01 May 2017

Packing bools, Parallel and More

Packing bools, performance tests, parallel

Let’s continue with the topic of packing boolean arrays into bits. Last time I’ve shown a basic - single threaded version of this ‘super’ advanced algorithm. By using more independent variables, we could speed things up and go even faster than no packing version! We’ve also used std::vector and std::bitset. Today I’d like to look at making the task parallel.

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