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18 September 2017

C++17 in detail: Summary & Bonus

C++17 features, summary

The last post in the series about C++17 (STL utils) was posted on 4th September. It happened to be just two days before the final C++17 spec was approved! :)

C++17 is formally approved
2017-09-06 by Herb Sutter

In this post, I’d like to make a little summary, and I also have a bonus for you :)

11 September 2017

Learning from bugs and PVS-Studio Team

PVS Studio Resources

Real life:

Fixed 1 out of 99 bugs in a project. 117 to go…

Have you experienced something similar? Although it’s impossible to write bug-free code, there are tools and practices to lower the rate of mistakes.

Today, I’d like to run through a gigantic list of freely available resources from the PVS-Studio Team who works with bugs analysis on a daily basis.

04 September 2017

C++17 in details: Standard Library Utilities

C++17 features, stl utils

The new C++ standard brings many useful additions to the Standard Library. So far we’ve discussed bigger features like the filesystem or parallel algorithms. Today, I want to focus on smaller, but also handy things.

For example, there are utils for handling type safe unions, replacement of void*, string searchers and much more.

28 August 2017

C++17 STL Cookbook Book Review

C++17 STL Cookbook Review

C++17 is on the way, and I’m glad to see more books that stay on the bleeding edge of C++ adaptation. Today I’d like to present a book that focuses on the Standard Library.

Is this another great book?

TL; DR: Yes :) But read more to see why :)

Plus I have a bonus: Q&A with the author and a giveaway.

21 August 2017

C++17 in details: Parallel Algorithms

C++17 features, simplifications

Writing multithreaded code is hard. You’d like to utilize all of the machine’s processing power, keeping code simple and avoid data races at the same time.

Let’s see how C++17 can make writing parallel code a bit easier.

07 August 2017

C++17 in details: Filesystem

C++17 features, simplifications

Although C++ is an old programming language, its Standard Library misses a few basic things. Features that Java or .NET had for years were/are not available in STL. With C++17 there’s a nice improvement: for example, we now have the standard filesystem!

Traversing a path, even recursively is so simple now!

31 July 2017

Blog summary for the first half of 2017

Blog Summary for H! 2017

See my blog stats and thoughts for the first half of the year.

24 July 2017

C++17 in details: Code Simplification

C++17 features, simplifications

With each C++ standard, we aim for simpler, cleaner and more expressive code. C++17 offers several "big" language features that should make our code nicer. Let’s have a look.

17 July 2017

Review: The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide

With around 230 positive reviews (85% of five stars) (4.7 on the average), John Sonmez made a huge splash when he published his first book “Soft Skills”. 2.5 years later we get another book. Can the new book continue his success?

Can it move you further along with your?

Bonuses today: giveaway and little Q&A with John.

Let’s see!

10 July 2017

C++17 in details: Attributes

C++17 features, attributes

“C++ Attributes… what?”

There were almost 40% votes like that in my recent Twitter survey. Maybe It would be good to introduce that little-known feature?

There’s even a good occasion, as in C++17 we’ll get even more useful stuff connected with attributes.


03 July 2017

Randomizing lines from a file, a tool in VC++ 2017

Writing a utility tool in VC++ 2017

Is C++ well suited for writing fast small utilities/tools?

Let’s see:

For my recent giveaway I needed a tool that would take an input file - CSV with data and then draw a few winners from all of the entries. To make things more complicated each entry might have a different weight.

Read more for the full description, my solution and experiments.

26 June 2017

C++17 in details: Templates

C++17 features, templates

For C++17 everyone wanted to have concepts, and as you know, we didn't get them. But does it mean C++17 doesn’t improve templates/template meta-programming? Far from that! In my opinion, we get excellent features.

Read more for details.

19 June 2017

Modern C++ Programming Cookbook Review

Modern C++ Programming

In May 2017 we got one more book about Modern C++! A Few weeks ago I got a copy from Packt Publishing, and today I’d like to write a few words about the book. In short: it’s a very good book! :)

But let’s see what’s inside…

12 June 2017

C++17 in details: language clarifications

C++17 features, clarifications

The second part of my series about C++17 details. Today I’d like to focus on features that clarify some tricky parts of the language. For example copy elision and expression evaluation order.

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