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17 September 2018

Professional C++ 4th Edition, Book Review

As usually, C++ needs good books and up-to-date learning resources. In this review, I’d like to present a book that should significantly enhance your knowledge of Modern C++, including C++17.

Let’s see what’s inside.

14 September 2018

C++ Links #2

Welcome to new C++ Links - most important and useful articles, podcasts and videos that happened between 8th and 14th of September. Today you will find a link to a post about the C++ quality of life features, a video with an explanation of the difference between const and constexpr, an article that describes some of SFINAE problems and many others.

10 September 2018

How To Use std::visit With Multiple Variants

How To Use std::visit with multiple variants

std::visit is a powerful utility that allows you to call a function over a currently active type in std::variant. It does some magic to select the proper overload, and what’s more, it can support many variants at once.

Let’s have a look at a few examples of how to use this functionality.

07 September 2018

C++ Links #1

I'd like to make an experiment on the blog and introduce a new simple series. Each Friday you'll see a summary with valuable links and resources from the C++ World. The links and annotations are coming from a guest author - Wojciech Razik - one of the co-author of

Let's have a quick look at the best links for this week!

03 September 2018

"C++17 In Detail" First Update

C++17 In Detail

I’m happy to announce that just a few days ago I updated the book! “C++17 In Detail” grew by 7 pages (up to 219), includes a few new examples, new feature descriptions and lots of “bug fixes”.

See what’s inside.

27 August 2018

Preprocessing Phase for C++17's Searchers

C++17 searchers

Searchers from C++17 are a new way to perform efficient pattern lookups. The new standard offers three searchers: default_searcher , boyer_moore_searcher and boyer_moore_horspool_searcher. The last two implements algorithms that require some additional preprocessing for the input pattern. Is there a chance to separate preprocessing time from the search time?

20 August 2018

Speeding up Pattern Searches with Boyer-Moore Algorithm from C++17

C++17 searchers

With C++17 you can now use more sophisticated algorithms for pattern searches! Now, you’ll have more control and a promising performance boost for many use cases.

See what the options are.

10 August 2018

C++17 In Detail Book!

C++17 In Detail

I’m happy to present my first ebook on C++!

Here’s the short story and the description of what you can find inside.

06 August 2018

How to Initialize a String Member

How to init string member

How do you initialise a string member in the constructor? By using const string&, string value and move, string_view or maybe something else?

Let’s have a look at possible options.

30 July 2018

Speeding Up string_view String Split Implementation

String_View Performance Followup

Thank you for all the comments about the string_view performance! Last week I got a lot of feedback on how to improve the initial string split code.

Have a look at how can we update the code and get some better performance.

23 July 2018

Performance of std::string_view vs std::string from C++17

Using std::string_view from C++17

How much is std::string_view faster than standard std::string operations?

Have a look at a few examples where I compare std::string_view against std::string.

16 July 2018

In-Place Construction for std::any, std::variant and std::optional

in place construction for C++17

When you read articles or reference pages for std::any, std::optional or std::variant you might notice a few helper types called in_place_* available in constructors.

Why do we need such syntax? Is this more efficient than “standard” construction?

09 July 2018

Menu Class - Example of Modern C++17 STL features

Writing articles about modern C++ features is a lot of fun, but what’s even better is to see how you use those new things in real world.

Today I’m happy to present a guest post article from JFT who was so kind to describe his project where he uses several C++17 features.
He shared the process of building a menu that is based on std::any, std::variant and std::optional.

Have a look!

02 July 2018

Parallel STL And Filesystem: Files Word Count Example

Parallel algorithms and Filesystem

Last week you might have read about a few examples of parallel algorithms. Today I have one more application that combines the ideas from the previous post.

We’ll use parallel algorithms and the standard filesystem to count words in all text files in a given directory.

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