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26 October 2018

C++ Links #8

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Welcome to new C++ Links - most important and useful articles, podcasts and videos that happen between 20th and 26th of October.
Today you will find a link to the easiest papers for San Diego Meeting, an article that explains why adding unused method may have a performance impact and many more!

  1. In last week the official list of papers before San Diego ISO Meeting was published. Bartłomiej Filipek chooses 5 most interesting and describes them a bit.

  2. New post from Rainer Grimm, he wrote about new thread type std::jthread, which is one of the proposal to C++20. This new type of thread has two new capabilities: interruptable and automatically joining:

  3. New C++ Weekly episode: Jason Turner checks if C++ can be compiled for old MIPS architecture:

  4. Krister Walfridsson’s wrote a nice article, why adding an unused method to the codebase may have performance impact:

  5. Post about chaining function, the author explains how this technique may break reference lifetime extension:

  6. 4th part of the series from Jonathan Boccara about counting words demo application: he extends his project to compute the span of a word:

  7. Another post from Jonathan - accessing the index of the current element in modern C++, e.g. he shows how to use boost::adaptors:

  8. Article from Barry Revzin - he presents a potential problem with upcoming Concepts:

  9. If you tried to read San Diego papers and didn’t understand anything - here is a list of “easy papers”:

  10. A new episode of CppCast - interview with Jens Weller, organiser and founder of Meeting C++:

Bonus 1: Not strictly related to C++, but important for every programmer: thoughts about Code Reviews:

Bonus 2: You can track the CppCon Youtube Channel where more and more videos from the latest edition start to appear!

The links are brought to you by Wojciech Razik.
Wojtek is a Senior C++ developer at Thaumatec, currently writing software for a robot. He enjoys reading C++ Standard before bed, and he loves to hate JS from dawn to dusk.
If you know Polish, take a look at cpp-polska.pl where Wojtek is one of the co-authors.

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